Spontaneous interior

Tom Dixon's studio has redesigned the interior for McCann Erickson Headquarters, transforming the area into an open-plan and spontaneous space.

Tom Dixon has redesigned the interior for McCann Erickson Headquarters, creating an open environment that encourages a modern and collaborative way of working.

Design Research Studio, the interior and architectural division of Tom Dixon, undertook their first corporate headquarters interior redesign alongside US architectural firm Gensler.

The design team’s challenge was to give the once-compartmentalised office an open and spontaneous feel. Departments were given “zones” to create a variety of environments through the office and help break spaces up for a more casual means of working. One such zone dubbed “Central Park”, sitting beneath 102 copper domes, is framed by a large foliage display that surrounds a custom-built blue seating system and is home to the finance department.

McCann Erickson Headquarters was opened at the beginning of October 2013. 

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