Sparkling in the night

Daan Roosegaarde has designed an interactive landscape in Van Gogh country that pays tribute to the artist’s famous painting, "Starry Night".

From the Series

The first of its kind in the Netherlands, the Eindhoven region bicycle path will be made from thousands of sparkling stones. Daan Roosegaarde designed the 600-metre long path using the same light-emitting techniques he developed for his Smart Highway concept.

The light stones will be used to create patterns in the path that will charge during the day and emit light during the evening.

The Van Gogh Bicycle Path runs where Vincent Van Gogh lived from 1883 to 1885; the path provides a modern interpretation of one of his paintings, "Starry Night".

The first impressions of the project were presented during Dutch Design Week this year. Plans call for the final design to be ready in 2014. 

Eindhoven has another spectacular bicycle path that has become a city landmark: the Hovenring, a suspended roundabout 72 metres in diameter built specifically to cater for the city’s bicycle traffic.

Watch the Talk with Daan Roosegaarde