Soofa: NYC’s solar-powered benches

The Soofa group is spreading technology with their solar-powered benches.

The Soofa group has recently launched their Soofa in Every State Campaign. The campaign is working to get a Soofa Bench in ever state in the USA, connecting the city and launching benches into the Internet era. The campaign is starting the expansion by installing five benches in New York.

The Soofa Bench originated in the MIT Media Lab and was launched in Boston in 2014. The solar powered bench integrates technology with the streets. The benches have a light environmental footprint since they run on sustainable energy and are made from sustainably harvested materials.

Soofa Bench’s blend of tradition and technology invite up to three people to share the space at a time. The bench can charge phones while embedded sensors monitor its surrounds, updating users on the outside environment from a distance.

Already in 16 states and 5 countries, the group proclaims, “The Soofa Bench has become an international icon for innovation and smart city technology.”

Other products from Soofa include the standalone Soofa Core unit and the Soofa Sign, a 3G connected electronic paper sign for parks and bus stops that communicates useful information such as bus schedules and event programs.