Song for the road

From the Highway to Hell to Penny Lane, the Song Map is a litho print featuring the names of songs about streets and landmarks.

If you take the Highway to Hell, you’ll pass the Itchycoo Park, but if you go down Alphabet Street and take a left into Penny Lane, you’ll be sure to find 22 Acacia Avenue somewhere along the way.

This might sound like instructions from a map but if you really know your music you’ll know that the streets and landmarks referred to here are also all the titles of songs.

The Song Map by Manchaster-based creative collective Dorothy is a litho printed street map, but instead of showing the names of actual streets, it features song titles that refer to places, as well as the names of the singers or bands that made the song famous.

Dorothy have also set up a Playlist on Spotify to accompany the Map at This is a list of 353 of the songs that feature on the map. It's unedited so it includes some classics as well as some horrors! Oh! And one of the songs included on the Map is by a band one of us was in, but we’re not saying which one.