Social nesting

Cape Town creative consultancy Animal Farm have designed a human-sized Weaver's Nest, following the success of their sustainable Lite.

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Animal Farm’s new organic lounger is based on the indigenous Weaver’s Nest. “I always lived under weavers and always wondered what it was like up and in there. Finally I decided to make my fantasy reality,” says designer Porky Hefer.

Made in collaboration with Mariki and Beyers Beyers, who run a job-creation project in Riversonderend, the nest is weaved from Port Jackson, Black Wattle and Poplar alien trees. At a size of 3m x 2.5m, suspended 3m above the ground, it can carry two adults and a small child. A larger version, which can carry four adults, is currently being built.

The launch of the lounger follows on Animal Farm’s successful new Lite, which sold out at this year’s Design Indaba Expo. Manufactured in collaboration with Doug Banfield, Lite is made to only fit an energy-saving bulb. Besides being light on electricity, no stains or dyes are used and it is spun from sustainable plantation wood, making it easy on the environment. Lite can be hung in groups or individually, or used as a work light.

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