Snooze alert at Milan2011

An alarm clock designed by Jasper Morrison is the latest edition to the Punkt family. Welcome the Punkt AC 01 in black, red and white.

The Punkt AC 01 alarm clock designed by Jasper Morrison prioritises function, design and simplicity.

Seen at the Milan Furniture Fair recently, Morrison elaborates on the design of the Punkt AC 01 alarm clock: “It sits slightly angled on an L-shaped aluminium extrusion, with the clock face set into a round hole. A rocker-switch, to set the alarm on and off, rotates around the mechanism, which sticks out of the back, and a small window below the 12-marks on the clocks face indicates its status.”

Four simple intuitive actions define the functionality and timelessness of the Punkt AC 01: Set the alarm on; switch it off; check the time during the night or; prolong by activating the “snooze” function.

The durable materials used in the design of this product contributes to its timelessness. The AC 01 dial is protected by thick scratch-proof glass and surrounded by a solid aluminium body to ensure product longevity. The product is also said to have a very long, though unspecified, battery life.

A gentle squeeze action illuminate the entire dial of the clock while the glow-in-the-dark hands and dial means that one can even tell the time in complete darkness.

Watch the Talk with Jasper Morrison