SMS answers from Ben Fry

Ben Fry employs design to help make complex data more understandable and accessible. He answers SMS questions sent during Design Indaba.

Do you have a clever way of organising your sock drawer?

I don't, and immediately I feel like I'm missing an opportunity. It also reminds me to buy additional interesting socks. So you've just added two things to my to-do list.

Have you seen the work of David McCandless? Awesome talk on the beauty of data visualisation on TED! Thanks for your talk on making data look cool.

Yes, though I haven't had a chance to meet him yet. The community of people doing this sort of work is somewhat small, so I expect we'll run into each other at some point soon...

Have you worked with Ushahidi?

I haven't, looks interesting.

I am a market researcher who loves design. Your talk was so pertinent to me and addressed so many areas I have thought about! I would love to correspond more.

Thanks! Glad you found it useful.

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