Smile for the camera

"Follow Me" and you'll be in the picture! A new camera mount for use in adventure sport makes it easy for the photographer to be in the shot.

Dare it, do it and capture it on camera!

It’s always great to record life’s more exciting moments by getting it on camera, and even more so if you’re doing something (extremely) adventurous like sky diving or deep-sea diving.

Increasingly, more durable and technologically advanced cameras are making it possible to capture these extreme activities, mid-activity, whether it is in water, in the air or on land. But there is still one in the process that Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Jonas Hertwig aimed to fix with this “Follow Me” project.

“Follow Me” offers a new perspective in filming adventure sports, with the main advantage being that the photographer can also be included in the photograph or film. As such, “Follow Me” is a camera mount that attaches to the photographer’s clothing or gear and allows the camera to film or snap away from a third person perspective.

Hertwig explains that “Follow Me” is suitable for earth, water and air use. The earth version of “Follow Me” mounts onto the back of the user, while the air version mounts to the leg of the photographer. Lastly, “Follow Me” for use in deep water is attached to the oxygen tank.

Take a look at the video to get an idea of how it works.

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