Smell the roses

Sometimes in life one just needs to stop and smell the roses. In New York it is now hard to miss the roses.

Will Ryman’s The Roses is a public art exhibition along Park Avenue in New York that presents viewers with a sculptural tribute to the larger-than-life qualities of New York City.

The installation is the initiative of Paul Kasmin Gallery, the New York City’s Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Fund for the Park Avenue Sculpture Committee. It consists of 38 sculptures of rose blossoms, some as high as seven metres, complemented by 20 individual rose petals scattered about.

The Roses will bloom along Park Avenue until the end of May 2011, adding a bright and cheerful contrast to the bleaker winter look of the city at this time of the year. Ryman’s The Roses installation will be followed by a large-scale love letter to New York City.