Smart locking

Yves Béhar's August Smart Lock is an innovative new home access device that is safe, simple and sociable.

Traditional ways of entering a home is set for a shake-up as Yves Béhar proposes a lock system for the digital generation.

The August Smart Lock prioritises more security and user-friendliness. The smart lock is a beautifully designed, easy to install, sociable device that runs off a single mobile app.

Working with your existing door locks, the device uses a Bluetooth connection to unlock and lock the door. A virtual key can be given to guests to enter your home without the need for physical key exchanges and can be deactivated at any time.

Béhar believes that in a time when we easily use technology for banking, retail and lifestyle tracking, it is logical to transform the way we access our homes. He collaborated with tech entrepreneur Jason Johnson to design the lock.

The August Smart Lock also has a social platform via the app’s Guestbook function, which allows photo sharing, stories and comments for owners or guests, making everyone feel at home.  

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