Sleep tight

Sleeping is an important thing to do, so why not add a playful touch to your linen? Daniel Ting Chong has some ideas.

Children often have the most interesting bed linen, featuring their favourite cartoon characters and super heroes. But as we morph into adolescence and later adulthood our choice of linen seems to become considerably less fun.

Illustrator Daniel Ting Chong has been experimenting with some cool designs that can be made to work on pillowcases and duvet covers. There’s the owl, because owls have associations with night-time, though not really sleep so much. A lighthouse conjures up images of dark, stormy nights while the “AM/PM” pillowcases helps you draw your own distinction between night and day.

The designs are funky in that “I’m-am-adult-that-knows-how-to-have-fun-way”, so perfect really.

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