Sketches in cabinets

Oscar Diaz displayed a variety of sketches in a wooden cabinet to reveal his unique design DNA.

From a salt and pepper box to a simple pen stand and candleholder, Oscar Diaz used sketches to highlight his unique design approach at the second edition of the Wonder Cabinets of Europe exhibition.

Diaz took part in the second instalment of the Wonder Cabinets of Europe, an exhibition that showcases emerging talents expanding beyond the borders of Europe. 

Each designer was given a wooden cabinet and a brief instructing them to use the cabinet to reveal their individual working methods and processes.

The cabinets provide the designers with an opportunity for introspection, stimulating them to reflect upon their own praxis and the driving elements behind their approaches, says curators Maria Jeglinska and Livia Lauber.

Diaz presented a selection of previously designed objects highlighting both the materials and processes seen in much of his work. Ranging from prototypes to mass-produced items, Diaz’s intention was to show each item in a three-dimensional sketch, relating each object to its sketch and inspiration.

Objects and sketches on display in his “Studio Sketchbook” cabinet included Aro, a wooden seat made by connecting two rings to three legs. The rings reduce the amount of wood used without compromising the strength and comfort of each stool. Clip Clock is a photo frame that holds glass in place while simultaneously indicating time. Duo is a candleholder made from silicone that can be used to hold two different size candles. With duo the candle wax can be easily removed thanks to the non-stick properties of silicone. Pen Pal is a pen stand made from silicone. And lastly, the Salt and Pepper box draws inspiration from a traditional musical box.

Each designer zoomed in on the very essence of their process and responded with precise thoughts about what constitutes their design DNA, says Jeglinska and Lauber.

The Wonder Cabinets of Europe exhibition was on display at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre in New York earlier this month. 

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