Skating 80s

Rolling Back the Years is an exhibition showcasing custom designed skate decks in celebration of the glory of 80s skateboarding.

The 1980s was a glorious time for skateboarding. In fact, it’s been described as a time when things were rocking and true legends were born.

To celebrate the skating glory of days gone by, eight artists have been commissioned to creatively customise eight skateboard decks for an exhibition at the Red Gallery in London.

Rolling Back the Years is the name of the exhibition organized by skate magazine Huck and skateboard company Lovenskate, taking place from 13 to 15 January 2012.

The boards feature designs by skate illustrators Richard Sayer and Jimbo Phillips. The creative director of Huck, Rob Longworth, also designed board. Stu Smith of Lovenskate did one, as well as Owen Tozer of creative consultancy Thisismadeup. Other artists that designed a skateboards are Schoph Schophield, Benjamin Jeanjean and Geoff Rowley.

Together with the designed decks, the exhibition will feature a selection of skate culture photos by contributors from around the world.