Sizzling SodaStream

SodaStream is back on the scene. This time around it's eco-friendly and sports a funky Karim Rashid design.

SodaStream has been given an eco-friendly makeover and it’s looking rather zwoosh. And that’s because they very cleverly called on the creativity of Karim Rashid.

The latest edition of the well-known home carbonation machine is a response to the environmental impact of pre-packaged bottled drinks. With the new SodaStream, consumers can reduce their carbon footprint by making their carbonated beverages at home.

Rashid’s funky, very retro, design is an extension of his ikon language: “It means ‘futureretro’ – retro, because soda always reminds me of America in the 1950s, and future because it reminds me of a kaleidescope data-driven age.”

Emphasising that eco-friendly can be fun, Rashid's curvy and playful design evokes a sense of energy that is bound to appeal to a wide audience. There are 24 flavours that can be added to the soda water to make a funky fizzy drink. And the gas refill can easily be exchanged for a full one at retailers across the country.

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