Sitting pretty

Design rock star Marcel Wanders is bringing back crochet and making it look really fine.

From the Series

All that glitters is not gold but in the case of Marcel Wanders’s Bon Bon Gold chair, all that’s gold does glitter.

With the Bon Bon Gold Wanders presents a new way of looking at traditional crochet. “I want to blur the borders between the future and the past, the natural and the artificial world,” he says.

The Bon Bon Gold is an outdoor seat that’s been structurally made from rope crocheted to create the chair’s form and reinforced with resin and precious metals for structural stability and added details.

The Bon Bon Gold is one of a few select pieces being exhibited at Sudeley Castle: A Selling Exhibition in Gloucestershire. The Carpenters Workshop Gallery have collaborated with auction house Sotheby’s for this outdoor selling exhibition of contemporary pieces.

Wanders made the Bon Bon is an edition of 20, plus two artists’ proofs. The exhibition runs until 1 August 2010 and features 25 unique or limited edition works by contemporary designers.

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