Sit smart at London2011

Julian Mayer presents a selection of chairs at the London Design Festival that combines industrial and craft processes.

Artist and designer Julian Mayor presents a range of new chairs at Lik + Neon,  as part of the London Design Festival.

The pieces on show include the Fernando Chair, the Folded Wire Chair, the Plane Chair and the Folded Mirror Stool. Mayer’s work is inspired by the “sculptural possibilities of computers combined with industrial and craft making processes”.

The Fernando Chair was developed on a computer with scale models but the physical folding and welding process lends an element of depth to the design and construction of the chair.

Mayer’s Frame Chair works with the idea that technology can be a mediator between people. At the same time, the Frame Chair has a character of its own, highlighting form and formality as two of the key features of the design.