Si Maclennan creates a nostalgic illustration for the Santa Monica Pier

The poster for California's Santa Monica Pier by South African illustrator and graphic designer Si Maclennan comes alive in this colourful gif.

Cape Town-based graphic designer and illustrator Si Maclennan recently designed a posted for a non-profit in California that manages the events at the Santa Monica Pier. The poster promotes the pier’s summer season and captures the colours and energy of a California summer. The poster will be displayed at the Twilight Concerts, which run throughout the summer.

Maclennan created this gif to illustrate his design process. The early basic shapes are joined by more abstract, geometric lines and these are all slowly filled in with a vibrant and romantic colour palette. The pier was built in 1909, and Maclennan chose colours that would create a retro and nostalgic feeling.

Here is the finished illustration:

Si Maclennan's colourful Santa Monica Pier poster is inspried by the California beachlife and has a warm, retro colour palette