Shoo fly

Forget nasty pesticides and the old wives tales of how to get rid of flies. Use the sustainable Anti-Fly Sphere 2.0 instead.

There are few things as bothersome as a fly. And few things as damaging to the ozone layer as pesticides and insect deterrents. Inspired by Mexican ingenuity Netherlands-based designer José de la O borrowed an idea from the owners of outdoor tacos kiosks.

The Anti-Fly Sphere 2.0 is basically a plastic bag full of water, which hangs from the ceiling. The water allows various colours and movements to be amplified through the refraction of light. With their many sensitive eyes, the flies notice these movements, colours and reflections, and they shoo off because it scares and confuses them.

De la O has re-imagined this technology by replacing the plastic bag with a glass bottle and a stopper. In addition to being quiet and rather attractive to look at, the Anti-Fly Sphere 2.0 keeps the flies away rather than killing or trapping them on the spot.