Shiny & red

Thomas Heatherwick designed sleek new hybrid double-decker buses for London, and they're 15% more fuel-efficient than existing hybrids.

The city of London has been graced with new buses.

The stylish new, hybrid double-decker bus was designed by Thomas Heatherwick and draws inspiration from the Routemaster buses of the 1950s.

Heatherwick collaborated with specialist bus manufacturer Wrightbus to design the new bus that features an open platform on the rear, which makes it easy for passengers to quickly hop on and off. Three doors and two staircases have also been incorporated to make boarding the bus easier and faster.

This new hybrid bus marks the first time in 50 years that Transport for London commissioned and oversaw the development of bus transport specifically designed and built for the city.

Both form and function have been prioritised with the new bus. The asymmetrical front window gives the bus driver a better view of the street and curb while a glazing panel wraps around the exterior to reflect passenger circulation. These panels also work to bring more natural light into the bus.

In what hopes to be the first for a new fleet of buses for the British capital, this hybrid bus is 15% more fuel efficient than existing hybrid and 40% more efficient than their diesel double-decker counterparts.

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