Shaded from the sun

Nendo and Camper have once again collaborated, this time for a stylish sunglasses range.

A prolific product design company and a renowned shoe brand come together to design a range of stylish sunglasses.

Japanese design studio Nendo has collaborated with Spanish shoe brand Camper to design a range of striking sunglasses that blend colour perfectly.

The collection titled Eclipse comprises three unique pieces that feature overlapping coloured lenses. Through combining the hues of two translucent polycarbonate lenses, the sunglasses are vastly different in aesthetics from other shades on the market. Each coloured lens is fixed to opposite corners of the plastic frame, with one positioned over the other, allowing the lenses to create a distinct line around the inside of the frame.

The lenses slide perfectly together without any space between them, thus avoiding any risk of air bubbles, says Nendo founder Oki Sato.

Although Nendo and Camper have worked together on various projects, the Eclipse collection is their second collaboration on a wearable design.