Sexy shiver

Nendo’s Shivering Bowls explore the pleasure that can be derived from an object’s touch.

Nendo have designed a set of bowls that explore the space at the intersection of eros and design.

The “Shivering Bowls” collection was designed for the KAMA. Sex & Design exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

Nendo’s contribution is a very thin bowl, made out of silicon but that resembles a ceramic creation. The thinness of the bowl would have been impossible to achieve with clay. The Shivering Bowls change shape, as a liquid would, when it is touched. It then moves momentarily as a reaction of the force from the outside.

Nendo wanted to “express eros through a design that invokes desire – a design that viewers simply can’t bear not to touch”.

The KAMA exhibition seeks to look at how sexuality has made its way into things and then makes it a medium of knowledge. This sex and design exhibition can be seen in Milan from 5 December 2012 to 10 March 2013. 

Film by Takahisa Araki. 


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