Sew simple

What does a bicycle and a sewing machine have in common? When they work together the result is rather unique.

Spanish design brand peSeta has been producing a range of canvas caps for the shop at the New Museum in New York.

The significant thing about these caps is that they are made with a sewing machine that is driven by a bicycle.

It came about when friends of the peSeta co-founders Laura Martínez del Pozo and Jaime Sevilla Moreno left a bicycle and a sewing machine at the peSeta shop. It later occurred to them that they could hook the bike up to the sewing machine and start production of both an environmentally friendly and exercise friendly nature.

peSeta then sent the caps they were making as a proposal to the New Museum, which now sells it in their physical and online shop.

The caps are available in different colours and materials. The “deluxe version” of the design comes packaged in a box with stickers and a DVD telling the story of this innovative product.

A unique form of creativity underpinned by raw power and ingenuity, the bicycle-sewing machine combination also highlights the importance of cooperation. The cyclist has to be perfectly in tune with the sewer, so that the bike peddling isn’t too fast, nor too slow.