Self-healing trees inspired this collection of furniture

Manufract has designed a furniture range that mimics the process that trees go through when they self-heal as they naturally release resin to fix the wound.

Manufract, a German design company, co-founded by Marcel Dunger and Florian Meie, creates handcrafted furniture out of broken pieces of wood. The broken pieces are filled with an eco-resin to establish the final shape as a piece of furniture.

All of the cracks and crevices that were made when the wood broke are form-filled by a sustainable epoxy resin, based on natural resources. This process imitates the self-healing of trees.

Manufract manufactures their products exclusively out of hardwood, which is outsourced from local forests and made by local carpenters. Since each piece of broken wood is different, every piece of furniture is completely unique.

Manufract also produces earrings and pendants in the style that mimics the self-healing process of trees.