Sedeo: A stool designed for mindfulness

The collapsable Sedeo stool by Danish studio Fundament Design is crafted by local artisans and has been created to help with meditation and mindfulness.

Fundament Design is a multi-disciplinary design collaborative based in Copenhagen. One of their newest designs is Sedeo, a portable meditation stool designed for low seating, meditation, and mindfulness. In creating Sedeo, Fundament wanted to include mindfulness in all aspects of the production. As such, Sedeo is handcrafted in Copenhagen from German oak by local artisans with minor mental disabilities. According to the designer Josh Morrison, the tilted seat has a significant impact on mental clarity. 

The artisans who craft the stools are based in a workshop just five blocks from the Fundament studio. They are part of a social enterprise called the Hans Knudsen Institute (HKI). HKI employs people who have previously had difficulty entering the job market and trains them to be furniture makers and tailors. Several have minor disabilities (such as Aspergers), and all are excellent craftsmen and women. They also work with recent immigrants and refugees. All receive good wages and six weeks of paid vacation. HKI produces products for a small network of Danish designers, of which Fundament are one.  

The portable stool also comes with a carrying case, which is made at the HKI sewing shop. The textile used in the cases is handwoven on looms by a network of artisans living in Kerala, India. The material is certified fairtrade and organic, and all weavers own a share in profits earned in the sale of the fabric. The cotton is also planted in rotations, so that soil conditions can be maintained and other food crops can be grown on the same land.

The shoulder strap of the case is made of organic cotton and woven at a small factory in Southern Sweden called Smålands Band. 

Fundament is the Danish word for foundation. It represents a solid platform for creating meaningful design. At Fundament, designers explore the ethical side of design at all levels, from materials sourcing, to product manufacture, to design impact and aesthetic value.