Sculptural light

Arik Levy created two innovative and sculptural glass lights for Lasvit at this year's Designblok in Prague.

Arik Levy transformed glass into a breathtaking experience of light and design for Lasvit at this year’s Designblok in Prague.

Levy is best known for his vivid sculptures, so it comes as no surprise that his collaboration with Lasvit, a leading Czech designer and manufacturer of bespoke light fittings, saw two lighting designs that incorporate sculptural elements.

Jar RGB combines thin colourful glass blowing techniques with the idea of RGB colour mixing for a dazzling lighting display. A central jar from white glass contains the light bulb and is surrounded by multiple colourful glass jars creating a rainbow-like glow. As you move around the light different colours are superimposed onto one another for a varied experience. 

For the Labyrinth lighting structure, Levy was inspired by the fluidity and connections in nature and relationships. Like a branch spouting new shoots, the fabric-covered coloured electric cables enters a clear Borosilicate glass tube and exit at different locations from which bell-shaped glass shades bloom. 


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