Scooped up

Ice cream colours, gyroscope-like technology, ideal for public and private use, and designed to last generations... meet the Scoop chair by KiBiSi.

From the Series

Craft and technology merge seamlessly in KiBiSi’s new Scoop chair for Globe Zero 4, to be be launched at the Milan Furniture Fair.

Taking its name from the (scoop) loaders found on construction sites, Scoop is a piece of market furniture ideally seated for both public and private spaces.

Sitting on the chair one gets the feeling of being freely suspended, a feeling resulting from the innovative, gyroscope-like suspension system that embodies the seat. The Y-shaped beam, meanwhile, creates a visual and functional overlap between the seat and the base.

It is “a design identity based on high quality manufacturing and the unique feeling in use makes Scoop a classic example of aesthetic sustainability - designed to last for generations”, says KiBiSi partner and head of design Lars Larsen 

While maintaining a clear and simple Scandinavian appearance, the chair has a technical edge that increases comfort with tailored upholstery, a cast foam seat and an injection-moulded aluminium frame.

The Scoop range consists of a conference chair, a lounge chair, a table and a bar stool in the making. The chairs are available in a variety of frames, fabrics and upholstery qualitites.

And for that playful little something, there is an ice cream scoop colour scheme for the launch collection.


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