Science arcade

Troika's "Arcades" installation explores the seemingly impossible phenomena of bending light.

Troika’s latest project is a continuation of the trio’s experimental creative process, and resembles gothic architecture that sees the combination of agnostic reason and intuitive belief.

Using only four basic materials – lenses, lights, steel and aluminium, “Arcades” inscribes one architectural space within another. The site specific installation is formed by a series of 14 pillars acting as focal points for refracting rays of light to cast the silhouette of a gothic-age stable. As the light beams change direction when travelling through the specific lenses, Troika confront the seemingly impossible phenomena of bending light.

“Arcades” seeks to be more than just a contemporary design and questions the relationship between the metaphysical and the increasingly practical, rational and scientific principles of the modern world. Inviting the viewer to contemplate this conception, Troika draws attention to science invoking the sublime.

“Arcades” was designed as part of the Future Primitives project rooms at the Biennale Interieur 2012 in Belgium.

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