Say goodbye to toothpaste with this Japanese design

Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima has created Misoka, a nanotech toothbrush that cleans your teeth without toothpaste.

From the Series

Kosho Ueshima has designed Misoka, a toothbrush that can be used with water and no toothpaste. Ueshima the founder of Osaka-based design firm, The Industrial Design Studio, designed Misoka in collaboration with Osaka technology company Yumeshokunin.

The bristles are coated in nanosized mineral ions, which are responsible for removing stains and plaque, and create a protective coating that makes it difficult for materials to stick to your enamel. The minerals are activated when the bristles come in contact with water.

“Misoka" in Japanese translates to "the last day of the month" because the toothbrush only lasts for a month. Although the toothbrush has been available in Japan and Asia since 2007, it was only presented to the international market at the 2015 Milan Design Week.

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