Save a life in your sleep

Friday, 25 April is World Malaria Day. You can help to control and eliminate malaria by supporting Goodbye Malaria through purchasing pyjamas or a bracelet.

From the Series

Goodbye Malaria is a campaign that raises funds to benefit the Rollback Malaria and The Global Fund to help eliminate the disease in Africa. Not only does Goodbye Malaria raise funds by selling pyjamas, mashozi teddy bears, and our Relate ‘cause bracelet’, they also create employment in the production of these items. 

50% of the proceeds from the sale of these items go to The Global Fund. 

At the Design Indaba Events Arena Goodbye Malaria took to the ramp. The shweshwe pyjamas bottoms where teamed up with daywear, showing off the fashionable side of the good cause. 

So moved by the cause, even some of the Design Indaba Conference speakers took to the podium in PJs. MC Michael Bierut rocked both the pyjama bottoms and a funky bowtie, while Roberto Feo and Rosaria Hurtado of El Ultimo Grito both donned the bottoms for their presentation. 

You too can save a life in your sleep - simply purchase your PJs here.