Satellite light

Dirk van der Kooij has created a lamp out of recycled CD cases in order to explore the possibilities of 3D printing.

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Dirk van der Kooij has taken sustainable design to the next level by creating a sublime floor lamp out of recycled CD cases. 

Dutch designer Van der Kooij is renowned for creating designs using his 3D-printing robots. This year he extended his exploration into the possibilities offered by 3D printing with his Satellite Lamp.

The beautiful object is made using ground-up recycled CD cases, which he has melted into two concave shapes fitting neatly into one another. Three fluorescent lights are placed between the layers, each with a different temperature to emit various intensities of light. Two large knobs that work like a mixing tap control the light: one knob for warm and one for cold. The ruffled texture of the lamp modulates and diffuses the light revealing a warm glow that can increase or decrease in intensity.

Van der Kooij unveiled his Satellite Lamp at Milan Furniture Fair as part of Domus’s exhibition The Future in the Making.   

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