Right to light

Martin Doller's "Framed" collection was officially launched at Design Indaba Expo 2013 and is now available at the Carrol Boyes flagship store in Cape Town.

Martin Doller casts a spotlight on innovative design processes and captures the essence of contemporary lighting in his Framed collection of pendant lights.

Since establishing Martin Doller Design in 2011, a passion for designing and developing products, furniture and contemporary lighting has seen the industrial designer becoming a prominent supplier to South African architects, decorators and designers.

Having completed his range of pendant lighting, Doller’s close attention to both detail and quality give his Framed collection an exceptional value.

Doller was part of the 2012 Emerging Creatives programme at Design Indaba Expo where he showcased the progress of his pendant lights. The Framed collection was completed over the course of the year and was launched at this year’s Design Indaba Expo. The lights have been available at the Carrol Boyes’ flagship store in Cape Town since April 2013. 

The Framed collection comes in three sculptured styles. The blades of the lamps are made from the highest-grade aircraft aluminium, anodised in black. The lights sport three different coloured fabric cords: red, black and gold, enabling customers to customise their light fixture. In the centre of each is an LED bulb, highlighting the bare beauty of the skeleton structure. 

I am passionate about design and I want to create a brand to express and reflect this passion, says Doller.

The main attraction of the Framed collection is the idea that the light bulb itself becomes part of the design. “There is no longer a need to hide behind a lamp shade, hence the title and concept Framed, it highlights the bulb,” says Doller. 

The bulb is dimmable and emits a soft, warm white light and is available with either a single or double lens, the difference being a radical light or a directed light. The bulb has a 15-year lifespan and reduces energy consumption by up to 80%. With the use of this bulb, the Framed collection highlights Doller’s commitment to promoting sustainable design and an eco-friendly future.

The product comes entirely flat packed and the parts can easily be assembled without the need for any tools. “It encourages more interaction with the product as you get to build your own pendant,” says Doller. 

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