A reason to celebrate

Party Bunch & Co’s illustrated designs blur the line between stationery and art.

As wedding invitations sent out by email become the norm, printed stationery needs to go the extra mile to seduce with its tactility. Cape Town-based stationery design company Party Bunch & Co is carving out a niche for itself with contemporary designs that keep it old school. 

Its packages of beautifully illustrated notecards, invitations and envelopes are artful and individualistic. Party Bunch & Co founder Jozelle du Plessis often starts by making the artworks herself by hand. But also key to creating paper goods that ultimately become keepsakes is that they are printed as limited editions.

Inspired by design and fashion trends, the brand creates up-to-the-minute stationery that provides customers with a memorable element for all occasions from everyday to milestone celebrations.

Du Plessis picks out her favourite creations for us: 

Tiny Troopers placemat

I LOVE colour and texture, and I love getting my hands dirty! This design was hand drawn with oil pastels. The placemat is designed to be a canvas for kids to get creative with paint, clay or crayons, making it by far my personal favourite item in this stationery pack.

Marsala occasion card

The Marsala adapts so easily to a variety of design elements we are surrounded by daily. I created this particular card in two sets that are opposite in textures and design style, but at the same time are ‘mirrored’ in appearance, allowing a design taste for every buyer.

Heyday party combo

This collection was one of the first to get produced. I am most fond of the Heyday theme in this range. It was so much fun creating this pattern, which I painted in gouache. The party combo stationery collection can be used for parties or for personal notes to friends, but I like to use them for both.

Mono personal stationery

The personal stationery range is well rounded with a variety of different styles and typography to suit people’s personal taste. The Mono design at this stage is my favourite. I love the black and white with a dash of yellow. I think the colour and texture combination is well on-trend and will be popular for a while to come. Currently my home is following this look. I just can’t get enough of the yellow characteristic with added black and white textiles, and I don't seem to get tired of this style at all.

Marble place card

Entertaining is one of my hidden talents and pleasures – making food, setting the table and welcoming guests into my home. The Marble place card is a classic. It can be combined with any crockery set or table decor and makes any occasion around the table a well-dressed scene.