Rainbow lamps

A rainbow and an umbrella form the inspiration for Inga Sempé's latest collection of colourful pendant and table lamps. It's on show in Norway this weekend.

From the Series

All the colours under the sun inspired Inga Sempé’s latest collection of umbrella-shaped lamps.

French product designer Inga Sempé has designed a series of pendant and table lamps, which can be used individually or as a collection to symbolise a rainbow of light. The collection titled “w103” is made from aluminium or steel and come in a variety of bright colours. Each lamp features a hand-spun shade and three rotating positions in order to provide maximum light where necessary.

As with traditional tool machine lighting, the mechanics of each lamp are sturdy and long-lasting with the aim of improving classical industrial elements.

Sempé will be showcasing the “w103” collection for Wästberg at Designer Saturday 2013 on 7 and 8 September in Oslo, Norway. 

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