Putting the fun in filing

Orgafile is not another boring storage solution. It's as much fun as playing with Lego blocks and has won the coveted Red Dot Award.

The Red Dot Award is one of the most coveted recognitions in the industrial design industry. Orgafile joins the ranks of South African designers to receive this award in the Product Design category. Previous South African winners of thisSingapore-based award include Tsai, for the Nested Bunkbeds, in 2007 and Terrestrial, for the Body Glove Earglove Apex, in 2005.

Orgafile is a modular system of expandable and changeable filing cabinets that “grow as you go”. They can be incorporated into existing ranges by manufacturers and customised by the interior design industry.

Orgafile consists of three international patents that enable customers to buy drawers separately and add them to their existing drawers. Orgafile is easy and fun to assemble, almost like playing with Lego. There’s also no need for tools in building your Orgafile system. The reduced cost of buying additional drawers is another Orgafile benefit. Orgafile is made from recycled wood and the use of metal is minimal, making it eco-friendly.

The father and son team, Arnold and Adrian van Wijk, wanted to develop a storage product that would benefit manufacturers, dealers and customers. “I was struck by how cumbersome it was to transport, offload and manoeuvre traditional filing cabinets while observing our installation many years ago at Mobil headquarters in London,” remembers Arnold van Wijk. “The idea struck me that if I could deliver drawers and not cabinets, it would benefit everybody.”