Pump it up

fuseproject’s latest design, the GE WattStation, hopes to popularise electric plug-in vehicles.

fuseproject has designed the world’s first Electric Vehicle Charging Station for General Electric. The GE WattStation, as part of GE’s ecoimagination initiative, aims to bring cleaner power to the consumer market.

The GE WattStation is easy to use and consumer-friendly in that it reduces the time needed to charge electric cars while making use of smart grid technology, allowing utility companies to manage the impact of electric vehicles on the local and regional grids.

Adding to the user-friendly form and energy efficiency is the modular design that can easily be upgraded to stay in tune with trends and advances. fuseproject founder Yves Behar says: “Good design is when a new technology enters our life and makes it more simple, beautiful and healthy.”

The prototype GE WattStation will be available late in 2010 in the US and Europe. Commercial and residential WattStations will be available in 2011 in US, Europe and Asia.

Watch the Talk with Yves Béhar

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