Psychic tees

Discover your destiny via a T-shirt. "Mother's Psychic Tees" give you a clue to your fate in 2012 while raising money for charity.

Curious about what 2012 has in store for you? Forget horoscopes, and try a psychic T-shirt for clues as to what might be your fate this year.

London-based ad agency Mother recently launched “Mother’s Psychic Tees”, T-shirts that reveal something about what the wearer can expect from life in 2012, while also raising money for the charity Age UK.

Mother gave 100 blank T-shirts to the Los Angeles-based psychic Lucinda Clare. Clare used her spiritual powers to predict the destiny of each future T-shirt wearer, with the prediction printed onto the tee.

This is how it works:

Should you be interested in your destiny via a Psychic Tee, you order one for 100 GBP (all the money goes to charity).  A T-shirt will then be sent to you, but there is no size guide because your choice of T-shirt has already been predestined, so rather you choose your shirt by number.

Your Psychic Tee will arrive with an individual psychic reading and a unique design, so you can be sure that nobody else in the world will have the same T-shirt as you.

As a bonus, an audio clip of the full T-shirt reading will arrive with your ordered garment.

Only 99 Psychic Tees will be sold, as Mother will send the 100th shirt to the British Prime Minister as a gesture of goodwill.