Product spotlight: Stickyboard by Flowermill

Flowermill's new notice board eliminates the need for pins or glue to get your notes up. The Stickyboard comes with its own glue, in a range of great designs.

One could say that the Flowermill Stationery Co.’s new Stickyboard is the opposite of a Post-it note... Rather than the paper being sticky, thanks to an inlaid glue, the Stickyboard is the sticky one, and the paper needs to simply be placed on it to stick. 

The Stickyboard is more than a notice board – it is a sticky notice board that comes with its own non-toxic glue for multiple stickings!

So forget drawing pins and Prestik, notes, memos, photographs and more can simply be placed on the Stickyboard and it will sit tight. And it gets better, your notes can be taken off the board at any time, without any of the stickiness remaining on the paper. And the spot on the board from where the notes are removed will still be sticky. If the board gets a little dirty or dusty, it can simply be wiped clean again with a damp cloth – and still the stickiness will remain.

The glue used on the Stickyboard is a special polymer, with the exact ingredients said to be a secret, according to Ingrid Blohm of Flowermill.

Launched in February 2013, the Stickyboard has enjoyed something of a revival as many people who bought the original Stickyboard (which didn’t have the special glue) came back for its stickier younger sister, explains Blohm.

Currently the Stickyboards come in three different designs in a variety of colours.  

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