A pocket-sized flashlight powered by body heat

This inventor's flashlight is powered by body heat and is expected to be a step towards living without batteries.

The reinvention of everyday items by adding a renewable energy source is a worthwhile pit stop on the road to sustainable living. One such invention aims to remove the need for batteries in flashlights by powering the device with human body heat.

The Lumen, designed by New York-based engineer Rost, is an eternal flashlight the size of a finger. The device uses a small thermoelectric generator (TEG) to power a single 5-mm ultrabright Cree LED.

The user touches the device to power the light. The brightness of the device is comparable to that of a smartphone and its power conversion protocol adjusts depending the difference of body and ambient air temperatures.

It also comes with a glass tube with a phosphor layer and tritium gas inside the tube. This tiny vial will produce light for over a decade and helps the user find the device in the dark.

Lumen is available in 2 body materials: Titanium and Aluminium. Both are available with or without Tritium tubes. 

“I'm absolutely sure that if we want to build a better world and leave next generations thriving earth we need to find alternatives to energy sources that pollute nature,” says Rost who launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the mass production of his invention.