Playing with food

Discover your inner gastronomist, with a little help from Designgoat’s Eating Objects.

Molecular Gastronomy for Dummies. Or, Molecular Gastronomy 101. Either way, Dublin-based Designgoat has created a series of utensils that can help anybody go from being able to do “scrambled eggs deluxe” to whipping up the finest in haute cuisine.

The Eating Objects set of tools give diners in restaurants an opportunity to use the techniques of molecular gastronomy to prepare food with unconventional tastes, colours and textures.

Made of porcelain with copper detailing, the utensils in the Eating Objects range provides the tools with which to start experimenting with techniques like “spherification” and “gelling”. To make it easier for first time gastronomists, Designgoat also created a table equipped with recognition technology. When a diner picks up a tool to use in their culinary creation, animations are projected onto the table’s underside, helping the new gastronomic explorer through the process of making a unique dish.

One of the most exciting aspects of molecular gastronomy is the process and science behind it, which is exactly what Eating Objects wants to highlight. It’s also about diners engaging with the food and the experience and “challenging people’s preconceptions towards food and the habits they have grown up with”.