Plastic perspective

Benjamin Hubert's Amass installation provided a unique space divider for the 2013 100% Design event in London.

Inspired by the controlled randomness found in nature and the building blocks of life, Benjamin Hubert’s Amass modular system provided the perfect backdrop to define a space without creating a visual barrier at this year’s 100% Design event in London.

British designer Hubert was commissioned by the United Kingdom trade show 100% Design to create a visually iconic auditorium space to house talks during London Design Festival 2013.

Drawing on a process led by an industrial design perspective rather than a traditional architectural approach, Hubert created his modular system Amass.

Amass comprises three simple modules that, when assembled en masse, generate a structure that defines space without creating a visual barrier. A total of 46 000 plastic modules were used for the installation.

The installation can be assembled in several different orientations and acts as simple curtains or dividers for the space. The Amass geometry further allows for walls of varying thicknesses and numbers of corners to be created forming three-dimensional structures.

Amass can be reused after the exhibition or recycled reducing the carbon footprint of the installation.