Plastic card melts to fix or modify anything

FORMcard is a play dough type of substance that aims to become as ubiquitous as sticky tape or Prestik.

FORMcard is a useful card made out of meltable and mouldable bioplastic. The card is currently featured on Indiegogo as a handy multi-purpose material that anyone can "use to make, fix and modify the world.” While the concept is fairly simple, the applications for the device are infinite.

In its standard form, the piece of bioplastic is a card that can be kept in a wallet, toolbox or backpack but when you drop the card in hot water, it melts into a type of putty or play dough that can be moulded into any shape or form. When it cools down, the bioplastic hardens and becomes a durable object much like nylon.

The card's uses are only limited by the imagination. You can use the material to create a mobile phone stand, fix a broken heel or modify an existing device, making FORMcard handy for an emergency, on-the-go, at home or impromptu situation.

To restore FORMcard back to its original shape, you can melt it back down and reuse it to create something else at a later stage.

The creators of FORMcard claim that the bioplastic, made from starch, is completely non-toxic and that every step of the manufacturing process is sustainable and produced locally in the UK. Like Prestik or sticky tape, FORMcard is an everyday fix-it item for any household or personal needs.