Plascon sets the tone for 2016 with colours that tell a story

Africa’s largest paint company introduces its new contemporary colours with four trend stories.

Heirloom, Discovery, Element and Connect are the colour stories that make up the Plascon 2016 Colour Forecast. Plascon delves into the inspiration behind each palette and reveals how the different colours can be used to revive a space.

Plascon began exploring colour trends back in 1999 with the launch of its Forecast magazine. As Africa’s largest paint manufacturer, Plascon has come to set the standard for innovation in creating contemporary colours that complement our lifestyles. This year’s Colour Forecast was created in collaboration with Global Colour Research and MIX magazine, the leaders in global colour and design trends.


Element explores our relationship with the natural environment. A palette of soft hues, raw surfaces and tonal colour is inspired by the depth and contrast of the earth’s layers.


Galactic colours make up the Discovery palette. Ombre and shimmering tones play on the complex elements of the Milky Way.


Heirloom pulls from historical influences, combining rich colours and texture to create a full and luxurious palette. 


A clean and simple approach to contemporary design, the Connect colour palette is all about basic shapes and bright colours that come together in a playful way.