Pin up

Gone are the days when brooches were for grannies. Try pinning a funky Trinket brooch to your scarf, hat, bag or jacket.

From the Series

Accessories are a great way to jazz up any look, or add that bit of distinctive personality.

Local designer Elske Nel’s Trinket range of brooches can do just that (and more) for you. A combination of materials including steel, Perspex and wood are used for the range that have quirky names like “Hymns for a Small Bird”, “Snow Pet” and “Gifappeltjie”.

The brooches reflect symmetrical patterns, with nature as one of the main inspirations for the range. Botanical drawings of plants and flowers are especially inspirational in the Trinket range.

Each brooch comes beautifully packaged in a handmade mushroom pouch.

See Trinket on stand 1103 at Design Indaba Expo from 25 to 27 February 2011.