Photographer Paloma Rincón plays with shapes, colour, hair and even mushrooms

Paloma Rincón is known for her work with big brands. We look at some of her conceptual works.

Madrid-based photographer Paloma Rincón is behind commercial projects for worldwide brands like Ikea, Vodafone, Samsung and Toyota. But, as a visual artist, her personal projects also lend themselves to the extraordinary. By merging colour, shapes and objects you wouldn’t usually find in the same picture, Rincón brings her ideas to life. Here are some of our favourites:

According to Rincón’s website, the Fruit Styles series was inspired by the sophisticated hairstyles she created for herself as a child. “Now, it becomes a texture I am very close to,” she adds. “In many projects, I have used hair as a material that adds an organic feel to my compositions.”
In Fruit Tiles, Rincón plays with the natural shape of fruit, making them geometric to match squared tiles.
Heat Wave I plays on the extreme weather conditions in Madrid. Rincón brings together summary ideas such as freshness, thirst and party.
Pink Mushroom is part commission by Mushroom Co. and part personal project. In it, Rincón grows pink, edible mushrooms in an exploration of textures.