Personal air purifiers clean the air wherever you go

Fabian Zeijler designed momentum and pūrificātum, personal air purifiers that you can take with you to anywhere.

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Fabian Zeijer created momentum, a set of aerometers and pūrificātum, a personal air purifier-turned-lamp designed to clean your personal air. The purifier doubles as a lamp and can be adjusted to shine a cooler white to a warmer yellow.

Momentum is a three-part device: an aerometer that measures the amount of particulate matter in the air, an aerometer that measures humidity, and an aerometer for ventilation.

Zeijer is concerned with air purity because filtered air results in higher productivity due to improved comfort and health.  The devices are designed for people who are concerned about their air quality.

When momentum senses unhealthy air, the aerometers begin to move in a rotating motion to draw attention to them. If the aerometer for ventilation rotates, it is calling for an open window and should the aerometer for humidity rotate, it is calling for the user to boil water to increase the humidity in the room. To solve the issue of the particulate matter, the air in the room will need to be filtered.

Zeijer designed pūrificātum to filter the air of particulate matter. The air filter produces clean air within your breathing zone and comes in a desktop version and a tall, standing version. The air purifier also has two lighting options: a cool white light to increase concentration and a warm yellow light to aid relaxation.

Using momentum and pūrificātum in your home would result in a better air quality, promoting good health. The objects are charged in an induction plate.