Performance style

Suzaan Heyns designed performance looks for Toya Delazy and Reason at this year's MTN South African Music Awards.

Notoriously known for her use of futuristic aesthetics in clothing design, Suzaan Heyns designed entire performance looks for Toya Delazy and Reason at the 2013 MTN South African Music Awards.

Following her nomination for Best Costume Design in 2011 at the Naledi Awards, fashion designer Suzaan Heyns’ creative genius emanated once again as she styled nominees for Best Newcomer of the Year, Toya Delazy, and Male Artist of the Year, Reason.

Heyns was able to take her creativity to a new level by getting involved in the entire design process, from initial sketches to a complete stage look. The collaboration between Heyns and the nominees went beyond creating a garment, and included elements such as shoe design, gloves as well as styling for backstage dancers.

Heyns’ designs for electro-pop singer Delazy and her on-stage rapping partner Reason notably exuded an African sci-fi look.

The vision was to create outfits that would illuminate with lighting and visually react to the dancers’ movements during the performance. Garments included reflective panel inserts and geometric embellishments of mirrors, and reflective shards within the performers’ completely white outfits.