Perfect for pencils

"Monster" seems an unlikely name for a collection of pencil cases but sometimes fabulous simply triumphs function.

The contemporary consumer and design enthusiast demands form, function and fabulousness from a product. But it is also true that sometimes less is more and its ok, if occasionally, function steps aside so that fabulous can take centre stage!

Like in the case of Tomas Kral’s Monster Collection for OKOLO. This stationery case, designed in collaboration with fellow Swiss designer Camille Blin, clamps four pencils between its jaws. A mere four pencils might not seem worth the case and the accompanying leather bag, but its fabulousness over function.

A wooden block for storing other writing utensils forms part of the collection. The case also comes with four different Koh-i-noor pencils so it’s the ideal gift for drawing enthusiasts.

The collection was named Monster after the Duo’s chance encounter with a vertical shaper in the woodwork shop of Joseph Miele.

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