Peepoople restore dignity to those without sanitation

Rural communities are constantly under the threat of diseases and social ills due to a lack of sanitation.


A solution to the lack of basic sanitation in rural communities across the globe presents itself in the form of single-use, self-sanitising plastic bag. The Peepoo bag, invented by Swedish Professor, Anders Wilhelmson is a fully biodegradable bag in which users can discretely relieve themselves and safely dispose of the contents. 

Proper sanitation is a major concern in rural communities where the lack of infrastructure to accommodate safe, hygienic and dignified sanitation needs poses a variety of concerns. Problems like environmental pollution, social ills and health risks like the outbreak cholera can occur.

Peepoo is a plastic bag within another bag that folds out over the outer bag and slips into a little plastic device called the Kiti. The Kiti acts as the toilet unit over which the user can squat or sit on while the inner bag acts as the sewerage system. Once the user has finished, they tie the bag up with a knot and can now safely store it out of sight and wait for it to transform into usable fertiliser.

According to the Peepoople website, when the faeces and urine come in contact with an organic compound in the Peepoo bag, a breakdown of enzymes takes place forming ammonia and carbonate. After a few days the bacteria causing pathogens are illuminated and after about four weeks all the contents will have degraded into nitrogen based safe-to-use organic fertiliser.

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