Pedestrian and bicycle tunnel opens underneath Amsterdam Central station

A beautiful and advanced tunnel for cyclists and pedestrians has opened underneath Amsterdam.


A pedestrian path and bicycle lane have opened underneath Amsterdam central station. The 110-metre long tunnel allows direct and convenient access to the waterfront where commuters can board ferries taking them to the north of Amsterdam.

The tunnel is divided to create safe and separate spaces for  both cyclist and pedestrians. The cycle side is covered with black, sound-absorbing asphalt with LED lights illuminating the edges of the cycleway. The cycle path is also lower than the pedestrian side to promote safety.

The pedestrian side is beautifully decorated with 80 000 Dutch style, delft blue tiles that were hand painted by artist and designer Irma Boom

The tunnel is called Cuyperpassage and is named after Dutch architect Petrus Josephus Hubertus Cuypers who designed the Station. 

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