PC pals

Nendo have added the Orime mouse and the Kasane mouse to their collection of computer accessories for Elecom.

We’ve seen a number of interesting PC accessories emerging from Nendo’s Tokyo-based studio for consumer electronics brand Elecom.

There’s been the DATA Hook USB flashdrive, the Jaguchi smartphone stand and the Rinkak and Oppopet mouse.

Now they’ve added a wireless laser mouse to the family of computer accessories.

The Orime mouse is constructed entirely from flat surfaces, rather than the usual curved look. Like folding a piece of paper, the Orime mouse comes together to comfortably fit the user’s hand.

Its unconventional look makes it neither digital but analogue, but somewhere in between.

Also a wireless laser mouse, the Kasane has its side buttons and left-and-right click buttons randomly stacked. It’s meant to appears as papers scattered around desk. The design of the Kasane becomes complete once the user places a (reassuring) hand on the buttons.